W36: International Workshop on Intelligent Technologies for Precision Sports Science (IT4PSS)
in Conjunction with IJCAI 2023,
the 32nd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Workshop W36

Date : 20 August 2023

Session : Badminton

Time : 14:00~15:30

Place : Almaty 6102

Session Chair : Wei-Yao Wang

  1. Shuttlecock Trajectory Modeling and Forecasting
    Chia-An Yang, Dawn Hsi Chenr, Tsì-Uí İk

  2. A New Perspective for Shuttlecock Hitting Event Detection
    Yu-Hsi Chen

  3. Tracking Players in a Badminton Court by Two Cameras
    Young-Ching Chou, Shen-Ru Zhang, Bo-Wei Chen, Hong-Qi Chen, Cheng-Kuan Lin, Yu-Chee Tseng

  4. A Badminton Recognition and Tracking System Based on Context Multi-feature Fusion
    Xinyu Wang, Jianwei Li

  5. ShuttleSet22: Benchmarking Stroke Forecasting with Stroke-Level Badminton Dataset
    Wei-Yao Wang, Wei-Wei Du, Wen-Chih Peng

Session : Fitness and Rehabilitation

Time : 16:00~17:30

Place : Almaty 6102

Session Chair : Prof. Tsì-Uí İk

  1. TaiChi Action Capture and Performance Analysis with Multi-view RGB Cameras
    Jianwei Li, Siyu Mo, Yanfei Shen

  2. A HRNet-based Rehabilitation Monitoring System
    Yi-Ching Hung, Yu-Qing Jiang, Fong-Syuan Liou, Yu-Hsuan Tsao, Zi-Cing Chiang, MIn-Te Sun

  3. CPFES: Physical Fitness Evaluation Based on Canadian Agility and Movement Skill Assessment
    Pengcheng Dong, Xiaojin Mao, Lixia Fan, Wenbo Wan, Jiande Sun

  4. TTSWING: a Dataset for Table Tennis Swing Analysis
    Che-Yu Chou, Zheng-Hao Chen, Yung-Hoh Sheu, Hung-Hsuan Chen, Sheng K. Wu

  5. Gym Maintenance System
    Md Wajid Zaheeruddin

Each paper will have 18 minutes for presentation and Q&A. We suggest 15 minutes for your presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A. You only need to bring your notebook and prepare your oral presentation with slides, but no poster is needed.